Plano de Relacionamento com Stakeholders

Encontrar os stakeholders, mapear as relações nos territórios e compreender como as pessoas…The word Oroboros means the image of the serpent devouring its own tail, and is a symbol of more than 3000 years, born in ancient Egypt. It represents the balance. In alchemy is the symbol of the transformation of matter, and for us is balance, unity and interdependence.

Our choice for the word Oroborus to our area courses and workshops, takes place due to its significance and because we believe that there are tools that can help people and therefore companies are structured in a more collaborative and interconnected. But for this you need knowledge and training.

We seek the best social technologies of the world inspired to create a series of courses and workshops, where they can live out the experience of consensus, collaboration and harmony, providing the individual a new look at their relationship and about sustainable technologies.

Some of our courses and workshops:

* Creating Community

* Facilitating Consensus

* Changemakers (Agents of Change)

* Facilitation for Community Relations

* Workshops and Workshops Clean Technologies for Low Cost. (How: cistern, rain water harvesting, solar cooker, ink land, decorative items with recyclable construction with Cemen, etc.)

* Techniques for articulation Participatory Processes (Effort)

* Organization Volunteer Field Day, for now